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November 15, 2018

New Current Transformer C400 Accuracy for MV Switchgear


The new Current Transformer - WCV-D - has been developed by ISOLET for higher accuracy applications to complement the WCV CT family for Metal Clad Switchgear solutions in the range of 5 to 27kV. The WCV-D meets Relay Class C200 and C400, and ANSI Metering Class 0.3B1.8 specifications. This model can be installed in Vacuum or SF6 gas insulated applications, taking advantage of pole housing insulation.

The WCV-D achieves higher burdens in a low current range with better accuracy due to its capacity for larger cores. Double secondary windings without taps can be also supplied in Metering and Protection combinations.

Special requests can also be supported - for example, High Accuracy Class/extended range, or special protection accuracy requirements.




We have heard the calls of the electrical utility sector regarding their needs for power quality monitoring, and have responded by launching the Systrafo C – 24kV Combined Metering Unit.  This unit has 3 CTs and 3 PTs, an individual box for each pole, lightning protection rods, and a pole mounting structure is included.  This new product will minimize installation costs, and eliminate the risks of fraud in the electrical system.  For more details, please consult our technical department.  

New 36 kV Potential Transformer phase-phase external use


After years of research and development of raw materials, as well as manufacturing tests, in order to launch a product, able to work in demanding systems where the reliability of the installed product is a predominant factor, we launched the BDEC FF26S, transformer Potential for 36kV phase-phase systems. The same will not require periodic maintenance, as it is dry-insulated, its insulation is in cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, it has no gas or oil in its insulation system.

ISOLET to launch its Indoor-Outdoor 17,5 kV Capacitive Bushings, 100% Brazilian Manufactured


Built with cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, the Capacitive Bushings line BPC 17.5 JO2-110 is designed for Indoor-Outdoor installations up to 2500 A and Impulse Level (BIL) 110 kV.

New Indoor Current Transformer


ISOLET is proud to present its new Indoor Current Transformer family member, the BDE 2501 model. This new equipment is designed to comply with 7,2 up to 24 kV Voltage levels and it is manufactured by APG System (Automatic Pressure Gelation). As a result of one year of Research and Development, involving our Engineering, Production and Sales teams, BDE 2501 achieved an extreme compact solution with a short delivery time and meeting the demand of most utilities and Switchgear companies.

ISOLET recertified ISO 9001 until 2018


ISOLET, after auditing performed last October by TÜV Rheinland, was recertified in compliance to ISO 9001 standard until 30th of September, 2018. 

New 36 kV Voltage Transformer Phase-Phase Indoor


ISOLET introduces its latest 36 kV Potential Transformer, Phase-Phase version for indoor installations. The new model BDE S FF26 is a result of advanced technology of electric field project culminating in a compact equipment that meets the highest electrical requirements.

Voltage Transformer 36,0 kV Phase-Phase Outdoor


Launched last January the new 36 kV Voltage Transformer Phase-Phase model BDEC FF26 G, for Outdoor installation.