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November 15, 2018

New Current Transformer C400 Accuracy for MV Switchgear


The new Current Transformer - WCV-D - has been developed by ISOLET for higher accuracy applications to complement the WCV CT family for Metal Clad Switchgear solutions in the range of 5 to 27kV. The WCV-D meets Relay Class C200 and C400, and ANSI Metering Class 0.3B1.8 specifications. This model can be installed in Vacuum or SF6 gas insulated applications, taking advantage of pole housing insulation.

The WCV-D achieves higher burdens in a low current range with better accuracy due to its capacity for larger cores. Double secondary windings without taps can be also supplied in Metering and Protection combinations.

Special requests can also be supported - for example, High Accuracy Class/extended range, or special protection accuracy requirements.